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Meade County KY News, LLC.
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The Meade County Messenger, Inc.

   It is hard to imagine Meade County without the Meade County Messenger.


   Since 1882, the newspaper has served the county and surrounding areas with coverage of news, sports, community events, celebrations, elections, and so much more.

   Our humble roots began just a minute walk from the water, when Brandenburg was a bustling stop on the Ohio River. Looking back through our archives, people have found stories that reached nationally and globally, as well as local happenings (who was visiting, who was getting married, and so on). And, during the entirety of its existence, the Meade County Messenger has been family owned (three families, to be exact!) Along with the community, our hometown newspaper has faced joy, excitement, competition, tragedy, new beginnings, and has published many a proud tale of our citizens.


   We still do to this day!

   Currently, the Meade County Messenger is female-owned and operated by a small team. We are a tight-knit group that is passionate and dedicated to delivering weekly news that tells the story of our diverse, wonderful county. We look forward to serving Meade County for many years to come.

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