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Do you have a sweet tooth when it comes to breakfast foods? Well, you are in luck! A local donut shop recently opened in Ekron, KY right off of Highway 313. They call themselves “Pardy’s Donuts and more” and are conveniently located at 4366 Garrett Rd.

I’ll admit, I was very excited to hear about a donut shop opening in the area. Meade County lacks establishments that a person can go to enjoy such a decadent treat. While we can all go to Kroger and pick up a pack of Hostess or Entemann’s donuts, it is my humble opinion that those brands can’t produce a product that holds a candle to the glorious nature of a fresh baked donut.

With that being said, I was overwhelmed with anticipation for the grand opening weekend of Pardy’s Donuts. I live in Brandenburg, so the commute to the shop didn’t take long at all. Google Maps estimated that it would take me only 7 minutes to arrive, which I found to be a reasonable and convenient drive. Unfortunately, that was the only convenient part of my excursion that day.

As I approached the establishment, I immediately noticed that there were crowds of people packed inside the donut shop along with a very long line forming outside the building. In an effort to social distance myself, I decided to stay in my car and wait in the drive thru line instead (YES, they have a drive thru!). Unfortunately, after about a 30 min wait and no advancement through the line, I decided to give up and try again another day.

Two weeks later I decided to give it another try. I arrived at Pardy’s donuts on a Friday and luckily for me, I was the only person in line! I was greeted upon entry and served immediately. My instinct told me to get a little bit of everything so I ordered a variety pack of a dozen donuts. The staff was kind enough to help me pick out the donuts as there weren’t any labels in the case.

I was also delighted to hear that they individually sold apple fritters (those are my husband’s favorite) in addition to muffins, churros, and coffee! They seem to have a little bit of everything to satisfy the sweet cravings of a rumbling stomach.

When I left Pardy’s Donut’s and more, I hurriedly paced myself toward the car so I could drive home and dig into the box. I opened the package and breathed in the scent of sugar and baked goods which made my anticipation greater. All of the donuts looked appealing and had no aesthetic flaws. I could only hope at that moment that the donuts tasted as good as they looked.

In preparation for my taste test, I methodically cut off a piece of every item I had ordered. As I bit into each one, I can say with absolute veracity that none of them disappointed me. Each one had its own unique flare and was strong enough to stand on its own as a competitor to the other donuts. I do have some favorites, however.

The winner of the pack was actually not a donut, it was the apple fritter. I’ve had a few apple fritters in my day, but this one was by far the best. The fritter was everything you would want it to be with delightful punches of cinnamon, sugar, and chunks of apple. It tasted just like apple pie to me!

At a close second was the glazed donut. As I bit into the donut, I tasted what I can only describe as a perfect balance of sweetness combined with a pillowy dough. Then again, there is something about the simplicity of a glazed donut that always wins me over.

In summation, you can’t go wrong with any donut that you purchase from Pardy’s Donuts and more. You can blind pick a donut out of the case, and it will likely be well-made and well-balanced. If you haven’t gotten a chance to try these donuts yet, I would highly recommend doing so. Whether you want a donut, a fritter, a churro, a muffin or even a nice cup of coffee this is the place to be! Pardy’s Donuts isn’t open every day of the week so be sure to catch them during their hours of operation, Wednesday- Saturday until 12pm.

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