Accident Reports

04/13: Brett Metten called in and reported that while traveling eastbound on Highway 60, another semi-truck crossed over the yellow center line and struck his mirror. Driver stated it busted his mirror and threw glass into his vehicle. Currently unable to identify the other vehicle that was involved.

05/06: Upon Deputy arrival to scene, a tan Honda was resting on its roof, off the roadway on the right, down an embankment. Meade County EMS Med 3 was removing the driver (Sherry Greer) from the vehicle. Deputy spoke with Greer briefly after being checked by Med unit. Greer stated she was traveling east on Wolf Creek Road approaching 1970, as a deer was in the roadway and she attempted to swerve and miss the deer. Greer stated she was unable to correct her vehicle and left the roadway.

05/07: Darren Bussey stated he was facing east on KY 144 at the intersection of KY 313. Bussey stated he began to make a left hand turn north on KY 313 when he didn’t know if Natalie Millington collided with him or he collided with Millington. Bussey stated there were two other vehicles traveling south on KY 313 making a left turn. Bussey stated he did not see Millington before beginning his left hand turn. Millington stated she was traveling south and as she as passing through the intersection, Bussey pulled out and hit passenger side. Millington’s son was in vehicle with her. No one was injured in the accident. Bussey was cited for driving on a suspended license and for the license to be his possession.

05/09: Gary Ritchie was traveling eastbound on KY 228. According to two witnesses Ritchie drifted across the roadway and traveled off the left side of road. Ritchie came to a rest on the westbound shoulder of the road. The truck was loaded with rock, which was spilled over the roadway. The Kentucky Highway Department was called to the scene to clear the load of rock off the road.

05/10: Kyle Broadus stated he was facing north making a left hand turn east onto KY 144. Broadus stated that Lisa Davis was traveling east making a left hand turn from KY 144 onto Reese Avenue. Broadus stated he began to making turn too and struck Davis in the rear driver side. Davis stated she was still making the turn when Broadus began. Davis had her juvenile children in the vehicle with her. No one was injured in the accident.

05/12: Diana Burris was traveling northbound on KY 313 as well as Karanpreet Bajwa in front of her vehicle. Bajwa stated she had stopped at a red light of the intersection KY 313 and KY 1638. Burris stated she thought that Bajwa was going to go through the intersection before the yellow light turned red. Burris struck Bajwa in the rear end of vehicle.

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