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07/11: William Benham stated he was traveling west on KY 1638 when he believed his brakes were not working correctly or that the vehicle was overheating. Benham stated he pulled off the roadway to see what the problem was, in the area of 4700 Old Mill Road. Benham stated he exited the vehicle and the doors were locked when he did so. He also stated he must not have put the vehicle in park because it began to roll off the side of the roadway to the right. Benham stated the vehicle rolled into a field and then through the fence behind the property at 4700.

07/11: Bryan Hack stated he went off the roadway at 360 Stanley Allen Drive and struck a guide wire, causing a power outage.(Deputy did not witness collision)

07/19: Evan Wood was heading was on Battletown Road towards Brandenburg, KY. Wood stated he believed the front tire possibly blew as the vehicle “sank” down on the drivers side. Wood then crossed the center line, entered a ditch, struck a guardrail, and went down the embankment. Wood was uninjured and refused any type of medical treatment.