07/20: Marvin Herrera was stopped in traffic in the eastbound lane of KY 933. Walter Reyes was being operated eastbound on KY 933 behind Herrea. Reyes stated a passenger in the vehicle was handing him some keys just before the collision. Reyes struck Herrea in the rear end.

07/21: Both Tyler Townsend and Clarence Kendall were traveling in the same direction, east on KY 313 in area of Flaherty. Townsend sideswiped Kendall with the trailer he was pulling. Deputy did not witness the collision.

07/22: Denetta Collins was traveling on KY 79 towards Irvington. Joshua Ogburn was pulling from the parking lot of Midway Quick Stop and did not see Collins and collided into the side of vehicle.

07/23: Ashley Hodges stated that she missed her turn and went a little further, put her left turn signal on and started to turn into a pull-off. Hodges then stated that as she was turning from her lane, she noticed a vehicle was passing her and collided into the front of her vehicle. Tina Allen stated that Hodges had her right turn signal on, but was partially off the road way going really slow. Allen stated she started to go around Hodges vehicle, when she then turned left into the side of her. Deputy did not witness the collision.

07/27: Dispatch advised that a car went off the roadway and hit a street sign at Owen Loop and HWY 79 and continued on. Irvington police stopped the vehicle and provided collision information. Deputy did not witness the collision.

07/29: A witness stated William Stewart went into the oncoming lane and went into the ditch throwing the driver from the moped. Deputy did not witness the collision.

07/29: Kelly Hardin stated her vehicle was stopped facing east on HWY 60, preparing to make a left-hand turn into the parking lot of Chuck’s Recycling. Hardin stated, after traffic was clear he began making the turn when Thomas McCauley struck the front driver side of his vehicle. McCauley stated he was traveling east on HWY 60 approaching Chuck’s Recycling when he pulled into the westbound lane, preparing to pass Hardin when he struck Hardin’s vehicle.


07/26: Jenny L. Maki to James M. (Tess M.) Sykes, Lot 22 Otter View Estates, Brandenburg, $200,000.

 Deborah Durbin to Helen L. Howard, HWY 710, $187,000.

07/28: Andrew M. Bennett, Jr. to Jason L. Humphrey, HWY 228, Wolf Creek, 20 acres, $55,000.

 Adam (Heather) Papp to Terry L. (Christine L.) Kennedy, Lot 1 Amy Acres, $385,000.

 Ocean’s Moon, LLC to Kenneth (Tashua R.) Cecil, Lot 242 Pine Point, Doe Valley, $4,500.

 Bette M. Kidwell to William D. Stringer, Lot 190 Park Estates, Doe Valley, $240,000.

07/29: Sherri Harbsmeier and Bryan Veech to Michael (Heather) Foley, Lot 148 Pine Point, Doe Valley, $7,500.

08/01: Carlton (Melissa) Hylander to Norberto (Lorena) Ochoa, Jr., Lot 12 Rolling Hills, Vine Grove, $237,500.

 Roy E. (Rose M.) Druck to Cory Fackler and Audrieana Baker, Blair Road, Brandenburg, 1.7 acres, $92,000.

08/02: Mark (Dianna) Barr to Green Star Properties, $39,500.

 Barbara Keiper to Erin E. Goodwin, Lot 169 The Knobs, $100,000.

 Carl R. (Rose) Austin to BG Properties Group, Old Ekron Rd., 0.536 acres, $300,000.

08/03: Timothy Z. Yates to Rebecca L. McCoy, HWY 60, 3 acres, $25,000.

 Michael A. Addesa to Donna K. Walker and Rodger G. Brinson, Cherokee Rd., Brandenburg, 3.786 acres, $235,000.

 Jack A. Renfro to Jacob W. Ables, Lot 372 Pine Point, Doe Valley, $6,500.

 Joseph N. (Brenda G.) Wood to Christopher (Rhonda) Sauer, Lots 27 & 28 Starwood, Brandenburg, $210,000.

 Leonard Medley tot John D. (Mary) Clark, Battletown Rd., Battletown, 0.5 acres, $40,000.

 James R. (Jessica) Coghill to George E. Hale, Jr., Lot 21 Point Salem, 1.474 acres, $125,000.

 Estate of Dalton H. Bruner to Seth L. Downs and Elizabeth McAllen, Lot 5 Whelan Heights, 3.477 acres, $310,000.

08/04: Margaret E. Benham to Gary L. (Peggy) Benham, HWY 1638, 1.217 acres, $2,000.

 Andrew P. (Marjorie) Schory to NBJ Development, Outlet 4 Bridge Point Plaza, Brandenburg, love and affection.

 Chris McGehee to Gold Vault KY, LLC, commercial lot Valentine Farm, 3.598 acres, $55,000.

08/05: Kimberly Samples, Shawn Samples, Richard Burk, Kristy Tomblin, Tiaron Tomblin, Renae B. Hatfield, Matthew Burk, Robert B. Burk, Kurtis Hoffman, The Estate of Hunter J. Hoffman, Jr and Kentucky Land Holdings of Radcliff to Jason L. Humphrey, Lots 19 & 20 Huntington Place, $29,000.

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