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—Of all the food which the hog likes none makes so finely flavored pork as beechnuts.

—The wheat crop of the United State for 1900 figures up 522,229,575 bushels, the average yield per acre being 12.29 bushels.

—When you have taken 200 bushels of potatoes from your land, you have removed two bushels of potash, one of the most valuable of plant foods.

—A young lady in one of the southern states makes good money by fattening turkey on nuts, this food giving the national bird that wild game flavor for which epicures in the cities will pay a very fancy price.

—Which we wish to remark is that the young and inexperienced man the carving of a turkey is very like unto the courting of a nice young lady—he is almost sure to get both of them in his lap before he gets through.

—The Berkshires are perhaps the best general purpose or pasture hogs. They combine the “streak” of lean and the “streak” of fat more completely than any other hog. They are active, good breeders and mothers, but fatten slowly before maturity. They are great favorites. The Poland-Chinas are emphatically the meat hogs. Th y fatten readily at any age and fatten quickly. They are not so active as the Berkshires, nor do they distribute the lean with the fat. They are equally prolific and as good mothers. The popularity of the two breeds is about equally divided.

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