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All About Home perseveres through pandemic

 Assisted living facilities have been hit hard by COVID-19. Given their often-older populations, the virus poses a great threat to both the residents and the employees of these facilities.  Crystal Moody, a manager at All About Home Assisted Living in Brandenburg, says that they didn’t realize the severity of the situation at first.  “We got word that we were going to have to restrict visitations,” said Moody. “We didn’t realize in the beginning how serious it was.”  As the number of infected individuals began to grow, so too did the precautions put in place. Employees have begun to wear masks, something that Moody says they didn’t do previously unless a resident was sick. They have also started sanitizing groceries when they’re brought in, another new protocol for the facility. “It’s been quite a change,” said Moody. Though they haven’t decreased the number of employees, they have changed their policies regarding sickness. “If [an employee] has something like a sore throat or a cough that normally wouldn’t put them off work, we’re having to send them home,” said Moody. Moody says that some of the 13 total residents at the facility are taking it better than others. “It’s honestly just a wide variety of different emotions with it,” Moody said. “We have some residents that seem to be taking it rather well. Some are just very anxious to be able to see their families again, but we have some that it’s really started to cause some depression in.” The virus has also had a financial impact on the small business. Moody says that they can only accept a new resident if they come from another facility that has been on the same restrictions that they have, such as a hospital or rehab. “No one that’s just wanting to come in from the outside can come in, so we’ve definitely lost some business on that end of it,” said Moody. Despite all of the challenges presented, residents and employees are trying their best to remain optimistic. Moody says that they’ve had a lot of visitors come to see residents through windows. She says they’ve also received a large amount of support from the community. From tablets being donated to make visitations easier to window decorations and food deliveries, support has flooded in. “The community support has been really amazing,” said Moody. Moody urges the community to stay positive and hang in there. She says they’re doing all they can to keep residents and staff safe, and they’re going to continue to do so until it’s safe to return to normalcy. “I think we will get through it,” said Moody. “We just have to try to stay positive.”