An ode to a Greenwave superfan

Chad Hobbs


It has been a tough month for Meade County sports. As Meade-Olin Park and Ramsey Field reel from the loss of head umpire Jacob Lancaster, Greenwave Nation has now lost one of its biggest fans and supporters in David Raley. Just a few months ago, I walked press row at Rupp Arena covering the Lady Waves game in the Elite Eight of the Girls Sweet Sixteen and spoke with David at half time during a break as he helped cover the game for WMMG. When it came to bleeding 'Kelly Green', David was a Meade County super fan. Even years ago when I was still playing, you could bet your bottom dollar that David Raley would be walking the sidelines with the chain gang every Friday night at Hamilton Field. When my son became old enough to play youth football, there was David at the other end of the field, helping coach one of the other teams. He had a love for music and an even more profound love for Greenwave athletics. Today, we send out our deepest condolences to David’s family and say thank you for sharing him with his beloved Greenwave Nation. Go rest high on that mountain David. Our thoughts and prayers go out to your family. As I sign off, I’m going to go play ‘Thunderstruck’ in your memory because that’s just what Meade County Greenwave Football alumni do. You will be dearly missed.

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