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An old priest died and arrived at the Gates of Heaven

Next to him was a young taxi driver who died seconds ago from his reckless driving.

The priest was called first, and St Peter said, “For your life long career working for the church, we will give you a small studio where you can stay at for the rest of eternity.”

Then St Peter turns to the taxi driver, and said, “For your 2 years as an taxi driver, we will give you a giant mansion by the lake, and a Ferrari in a heated garage.”

The priest thought it was strange and unfair, and protested, “Why does the taxi driver deserve so much more than me, when I have devoted my whole life to the church and God?”

St Peter explained, “You see - during your sermons, half of the audience was sleeping, and the other half was just looking at their phones; but when the taxi driver was driving, everyone was praying!”

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