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Angel Ministry makes a difference in Meade County

 If you have been in Meade County for very long, you’ve surely heard of the Angel Ministry and what they do. They’re one of the most prolific non-profit organizations in Meade County, and it’s safe to say that they improve the lives of the Meade Countians that need it most. Whether a child needs clothes or a family has suffered a tragedy, the Angel Ministry is there to offer a helping hand.

 Sheila Foster, who became the director of the Angel Ministry approximately 8 years ago. Originally, the non-profit focused on helping during the Christmas season and was called the Angel Tree Ministry, but as needs grew, they decided to broaden their base and expand past the holidays.

 “I realized that need knows no season, so we threw the “Tree” out of our name and became the Angel Ministry,” said Foster.

 The non-profit works closely with the school system to make sure that students’ needs are met.

 “Anytime that there are children that need clothing, shoes, school supplies, whatever, we take care of them,” said Foster.

 Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, they had to avoid using their typical donation boxes for these types of products. Instead, the organization has created an Amazon wishlist full of items that the schools requested for children. The wishlist can be found on the Angel Ministry Facebook page.

 “We would love the community’s support to help take care of this,” said Foster.

 The Angel Ministry has also been setting up delivery drivers during the pandemic to deliver Feeding America boxes to elderly, shut-ins and families with no transportation that have not been able to pick up their own food boxes. Feeding America comes to the Fairgrounds the fourth Tuesday of every month.

 Though they’ve expanded, Christmas is still a focal point for the organization. Each year, they make “Angel Trees” available to the public. People can select an angel from the tree, which details what a child would need for Christmas that year, usually necessities like hats and coats, and purchase the items for the child. This year, because of COVID-19, things will look much different. Many of the organization’s volunteers are older and have various health conditions, making it potentially dangerous to coordinate in-person. Because of this, the non-profit will be transitioning to an online setup.

 The pandemic has also affected their fundraising. Typically, they host fundraising events throughout the year, but because of COVID-19, this has not been possible.

 “Right now, donations are down,” said Foster. “Normally, we would have had volunteers hitting the streets in June putting out sponsor letters for our school ministry. We would have had several fundraisers throughout the year. This year, we cannot pull those events off.”

 Foster says that support from the community is much needed, but she has confidence.

 “This year’s going to be very different for us, so we definitely need the support more than ever,” said Foster. “I know our community never lets us down; they always support us. I know it will work out.”

 For more information or to make a donation to the Meade County Angel Ministry, visit their Facebook page.