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Another life claimed by Highway 313



Photos by Chad Hobbs| The Meade County Messenger | One of the two heavy-duty tow trucks brought to the scene gets in place to attempt to flip the dump truck back upright while a skid steer removes gravel from the truck’s bed.

At a little after 8 a.m. last week on Wednesday morning, tragedy once again befell Highway 313. Abby West, 21, was traveling northbound on HWY 313. Steve Hodge was driving a dump truck loaded with gravel in the southbound lane. At the intersection of HWY 313 and Woodland Road, West attempted to make a left hand turn onto Woodland Rd. When her

vehicle crossed in front of the dump truck driven by Hodge, West’s vehicle was impacted on the passenger side by the truck. Both vehicles left the roadway due to the impact with the dump truck overturning in the southbound ditch and West’s vehicle in front of it. Emergency crews responded to the scene and began lifesaving measures, with HWY 313 being shut down from the HWY 144 intersection to the Rabbit Run intersection. Abby West was pronounced deceased due to injuries suffered from the collision. Hodge was transported to Hardin Memorial Hospital to be evaluated. HWY 313 remained closed until approximately 3 p.m. A special team from the Kentucky State Police was called in to reconstruct the accident scene because of the fatality. A skid steer also had to be brought to the scene to attempt to remove as much gravel as possible from the overturned dump truck bed and the ground surrounding it. Two heavy-duty tow trucks were also brought to the scene so that they could be staged on the highway and swing their booms over the ditch to flip the dump truck back upright to allow for it to be removed from the roadway. This was the second fatality in less than two weeks on this particular stretch of road. A sixteen year old lost her life in an accident on the Bypass end of it 12 days prior.