Apollo E-Gals halt Ladywave dreams


Sports Reporter

In 2013, the Meade County High School Ladywave Basketball team was the Region 3 Runner-Up, then they went onto win the Region 3 Championship to advance to the KHSAA Sweet Sixteen in 2014 and have not been in the Championship game since. That all changed in the Region Semi-Final when they beat Owensboro Catholic with a buzzer beater, which sent them to the Region 3 Championship game where they would face off against Apollo High School, who by the way, have never been in a Region 3 Championship game all the way back to 1999. Apollo was Meade’s first game of the 20-21 season, so it would only be fitting to be the last team they faced in the Region on March 30 at the Owensboro Sports Complex.

Meade knew they were in for a tough challenge against Apollo’s high-powered offense since the last time they played them, but Meade has also matured immensely, and their defense has been what has got them to where they were. Both teams started the game relying on their defenses. Apollo came out with a zone defense that Meade found hard to penetrate, or even get outside shots off. Meade came out with their press, then fell back into their man-to-man defense, which gave Apollo trouble getting the ball down low or even to an open player for a shot. Both teams used the first period to try and figure out the best way to attack the other’s defense. The slow pace may have helped Meade out in the start, as it kept the game close and the scoring for both teams to a minimum.

Apollo started the second period playing an extremely fast and aggressive offense, taking the ball straight to the basket, propelling them on a 7-0 run, to force Meade to take a timeout and regroup. After the timeout Meade settled down, fell back into their defensive game plan, stopping Apollo’s scoring run, but at the same time were not able to close the gap or go on a run of their own. Meade found themselves heading to the locker room at the half down by 11 and was only able to score five total points in the second period, and nine in the entire first half of the game as Apollo had shut down Meade’s leading scorers, senior Jenna Gallimore, and Eighth Grader Payton Bradley.

Meade came out after the half making the necessary adjustments on defense to slow Apollo’s offense down and force turnovers that resulted in the points to close the gap. Midway through the third, Bradley and Gallimore’s shooting came to life as they both knocked down shots from beyond the three-point line giving Meade a boost. Even with Meade’s defense giving Apollo issues, Meade just could not get within striking distance of Apollo as they finished the third still in the lead by seven-points.

Meade came out in the fourth feeding off their momentum they had built towards the end of the third slowly picking away at Apollo’s lead, and hitting the shots they needed. By the midway point in the fourth Meade went on a 6-0 run and closed to within five which forced Apollo’s coach to call a timeout and try and regroup before Meade came roaring back.

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