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Arrest made after fight outside Huddle House


On Jan. 16, Susan Wardrip Rhodes was arrested and charged with robbery, second-degree and assault, fourth-degree with no visible injuries. According to law enforcement, an officer was dispatched to Huddle House at 12:35 p.m. for two women fighting in the parking lot. The officer made contact with Holly Kingsley, the victim, and a witness. Kingsley stated that she saw Jack Nunn and Sue Rhodes at Meade County Bank. She then stated that Mr. Nunn has a cell phone that belongs to her and when she rode by she made a phone sign and drove on. Ms. Kingsley said that they then followed her to Huddle House. Once at Huddle House, Mr. Nunn and Ms. Kingsley got out of the vehicles and were talking. At some point Ms. Rhodes exited Mr. Nunn’s vehicle and reached through the window of Ms. Kingsley’s vehicle and takes her money bank bag that contained $1,000, according to Kingsley. Kingsley then advised that she attempted to get her money bag back and Rhodes hit her with the money bag in the face and head several times. She was able to recover her money bag. A witness was able to video part of the incident which shows Rhodes hitting Kingsley with the money bag. Officers went to Rhodes residence and spoke with her. She stated that they saw Kingsley at Meade County Bank and they went to Huddle House to see what she wanted. While Nunn and Kingsley were talking, Kingsley said something negative about Rhodes, and she exited the vehicle. Rhodes stated that she wanted to get Nunn’s coveralls out of Kingsley’s passenger seat, saw the bank bag and took it instead. She stated that she hit Kingsley with the bag one time and then gave it back to her. Rhodes was arrested and lodged in the Meade County Detention Center on a $1,500 cash bond.