09/01: Hardin County, Commonwealth of Kentucky, d/b/a Hardin Memorial Hospital to Baptist Healthcare System, INC., Lot 1 Commerce Park, Brandenburg, estimated value: $1,670,973.

09/01: Jeff Nott to ALR Farms, LLC, Payne Road, Buck Grove, $105,000.

09/01: Gary (Tracy R.) Sipes to Maria B. Dodson and Tanner D. Sipes, Osborne Road, $140,000.

09/01: Paula S. Williams to James A. (Sandra) Williams, Shumate Road, Ekron, fair market value: $3,700.

09/01: Mary J. (Garland L.) Masden to Tracy Sipes, Osborne Road, $38,700.

09/02: Larry H. Powell to Lawrence D. (Kimberly L.) Phillips, Flaherty Road, Vine Grove, $1,000.

09/02: Stanislaw M. (Zofia Y.) Jakubowski to Clay-Rho Enterprises, LLC, Bellemeade Street, Brandenburg, $5,000.

09/02: William W. (Betty D.) Mulkins to Jason Humphrey, Finch Court, Vine Grove, $8,500.

09/02: Terry S. Allen to Terence Johnston and Amy Johnston Little, Lawrence Street and High Street, Brandenburg, $235,500.

09/03: Kimberly A. (Robert W.) Hanners to Lamar L. Smith, Wolf Creek, $22,000.

09/03: Cody M. (Mariah T.) Atchley to Brandon T. Heath and Desirae N. Simcoe, Lot 12 Cherrywood Subdivision, $160,000.

09/03: Michael C. (Leslie K.) Redmon to Meade County Board of Education, Rhodelia Road, $56,000.

09/03: Kentucky Heritage Properties LLC to Debra E. Beattie, Buck Grove Road, $50,000.

09/03: Robert L. Medley to Marvin S. (Miranda G.) Barley, Wolf Creek Road, $13,300.

09/03: Mark (Amy M.) Buzzee to Jason Bandy, Lo 167 Hickory Hills, Doe Valley, $1,200.

09/03: Omar (Janie R.) Otero to Jeffrey Rogers and Cassie M. Rapp, Lot 479 Havenwood, Doe Valley, $211,000.

09/03: Derrick D. (Bethany M.) Board to Eliza A. Perry, Lot 13 & 14 Kentucky Hills, $30,000.

09/04: Michael A. Lankford, Republic Bank & Trust Company, and Stockton Mortgage Corporationn to Dupin Enterprises, LLC, Sandy Lane, Flaherty, $73,000.

09/04: Joseph Rambo, Jr. to Christa L. Barrett, Hwy 428, Guston, $20.00.

09/08: Travis (Jenny) Boyd to Marjorie K. Smith and Thomas Harris, Lot 12 Margaret Mills Farm Division, $274,900.

09/08: Keith (Cara) Carter to Ryan (Desirae N.) Williams, HYW 228, $182,000.

09/08: Brandon Stansbury to Alexander I. (Faith E.) Grzesik, HWY 710, Brandenburg, $330,000.

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