Arrests and Accidents


*All suspects are assumed innocent until proven guilty by a court of law*

Meade County

Sheriff’s Office

9/22: Juston R. Worley, 19, Ekron, criminal mischief, 1st degree; leaving scene of accident – failure to render aid or assistance.

9/22: Drew A. Bass, 35, Brandenburg, probation violation (for misdemeanor offense).

9/23: Nathan A. King, 32, Ekron, violation of a Kentucky EPO/DVO.

9/23: Tracy L. Parker, 44, Muldraugh, criminal abuse, 1st degree – child 12 or under; public intoxication – control sub (excludes alcohol); poss cont sub, 1st degree, 1st offense (opiates).

9/27: Brian E. Sweat, 49, Vine Grove, failure to appear, citation for misdemeanor.

9/27: Mackenzie J. Dugan, 34, Brandenburg, drug paraphernalia - buy/possess; poss cont sub, 1st degree, 1st offense (methamphetamine).

9/27: Lorie A. Craycroft, 44, Brandenburg, oper mtr vehicle u/infl alc .08 - 1st.

Brandenburg Police


9/23: Joseph W. Johnson, 45, Radcliff, theft by deception include cold checks u/$500.

9/24: Amanda K. Hobday, 32, Brandenburg, no registration plates; failure of owner to maintain required ins/sec, 1st offense; oper mtr vehicle u/infl alc .08 – 1st; failure to notify adrs change to dept of trans.

9/25: Angela S. Burton, 43, Mansville, IL, fugitive (warrant not required).

Meade County



9/27: Jerica L. Yates, 36, Radcliff, disorderly conduct, 2nd degree; failure to notify address change to dept of transportation.

Meade County Sheriff


 08-23-20: Deputy arrived on the scene of a motor vehicle accident at the intersection of Buck Grove Rd. at Gaines Rd. He observed that three individuals were involved in the collision. Jason E. Ray was complaining of hand pain, and Donald B. Collins, Jr. told the officer they didn’t require medical treatment, but officer observed a small cut on Collins’ head. The officer asked Collins if he was the driver and he stated yes. The officer asked him a few general questions about the collision, as he was walking past Collins. The officer noticed his speech was slurred, his eyes were glassy, and his pupils were pinpoint. Collins said he was not at fault. The officer spoke to Ray and he stated Collins pulled out from Gaines Rd. into the middle of Buck Grove Rd. causing him to collide with them. The passenger in Collins vehicle, Justin N. Thomas, stated he didn’t remember what had happened because it happened so quickly and that was the first wreck, he had ever been in. Collins told a firefighter on the scene that he wanted to be checked out at a hospital. As the officer was taking photographs and processing the scene, he got a witness statement from Steve Oliver. Oliver stated he passed Collings on Gaines Rd. and the vehicle was traveling in the middle of the road and was ‘speeding.” He didn’t witness the actual collision. He had just driven up on it after dropping a worker off on Gaines Rd. When EMS arrived, they assessed Collins and the officer walked up near the area on the side of the road they were working and smelled an odor of acholic beverage coming from that area. The paramedic approached the officer and told him he could smell an odor of alcoholic beverage coming from his patient’s person. His patient was Collins. The medics place Collins in the back of the ambulance. The officer followed them into the ambulance and smelled an odor of an alcoholic beverage. The officer asked Collins if he would take a PBT for me and he wouldn’t respond and was acting confused. The officer got out of the ambulance and spoke with the passenger. He asked if Collins had been drinking alcohol. The passenger replied that both of them had been drinking a little bit, but he hadn’t been around Collins all-day. The officer followed Med 3 to Harrison County Hospital to read the “Implied consent” to Collins since the officer had probable cause to believe he was operating a motor vehicle under the influence of alcohol causing a collision. The officer believed Collins pulled out of Gaines Rd in front of Ray, causing him to collide with Ray.

 08-26-20: Elizabeth N. Dishon was traveling westbound on US 60. Bernard W. Fellonneau was traveling eastbound on US 60. Tracey W. Beam was stopped at the stop sign at the intersection of Best Stop Dr. and US 60. Dishon stated that she was making a left turn onto Best Stop Dr. Dishon stated she did not remember anything else. Fellonneau stated Dishon turned in front of him and he tried to stop but could not stop in time. Beam stated that she was stopped at the intersection. Beam stated she watched Dishon make the turn, but it was really slow. It appears that Dishon made a left turn in front of Fellonneau. Fellonneau struck Dishon on the passenger side. Dishon was pushed into the front of Beam.

08-27-20: Kathlynn R. Langley and her passenger stated that they were traveling west on US 60, and a small, dark gray passenger car, that was traveling east on US 60, ran them completely off the road. Langley stated that she had no choice but to take to the right shoulder or collide head-on with the unidentified small dark gray passenger car. That is when Langley collided with the mailbox at 7690 US 60.

 08-28-20: Brittany N. Gandy while driving west on KY 79 left the right-hand side of the road and struck a telephone pole. Gandy received a minor injury to her hand and her passenger received possible injuries to his arm. Her passenger had to be extricated from the vehicle. Both were transported to Hardin County Hospital. Gandy stated her front end of the car started shaking, while on the roadway, and that’s what caused her to run off the road.

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