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Attempted Murder of a Police Officer


A man was charged with attempted murder Monday night after law enforcement attempted to serve him papers.

 According to the Meade County Sheriff’s Department, Deputy Hopkins and Deputy Kenealy arrived on scene in an attempt to serve an outstanding EPO on Ronald Leach, 56, of Ekron. Law enforcement had received several calls in the two days prior pertaining to Leach being involved in a domestic assault on his spouse, according to the report.

 When deputies arrived, Leach was very aggressive, stating, “You can both f*** off, I’m not taking your paperwork,” the report says. Leach started to walk away from his residence. Kenealy got Leach to come back to get the paperwork served. Leach began screaming and yelling, stating, “Just give me the d*** paperwork and I’m leaving.” Deputy Kenealy got Leach to read the EPO and sign the paperwork. Leach had started his vehicle and stated, “Give me the d*** paperwork. I’m leaving.”

 As Kenealy handed the paperwork to Leach, Leach reached up and ripped the paperwork out of the deputy’s hand and slammed the door. Leach failed to grab the paper. Kenealy leaned over and lifted the wiper blade on the vehicle and placed the paper under the blade. Deputy Hopkins was standing right next to the driver’s side door. As the wiper blade was still lifted, Leach put the vehicle in reverse and accelerated at a high rate of speed, nearly striking Deputy Hopkins and Kenealy. Leach continued alongside the driveway, nearly striking Kenealy’s cruiser. Leach spun his vehicle around the yard. Kenealy drew his service weapon and ordered Leach out of the vehicle. Leach complied.

 Leach was placed under arrest. While he was being escorted to Kenealy’s cruiser, Leach attempted to knee Kenealy in the groin area.

 Leach was charged with two counts of attempted murder of a police officer. He was transported to and lodged in the Meade County Detention Center.