Be mindful of farmers and large equipment taking to the roadways for planting season


Messenger Staff 

Local farmers are gearing up for the 2021 planting season. Two weeks ago, a few of the early birds took to the fields with their planters. Many more will be following suit once the cold weather snap predicted for this week passes. Sprayers, fertilizer spreaders and fertilizer tender trucks, such as in the picture, are also taking to the fields to get them ready for planting. These oversized pieces of equipment often take up more than one lane of the highway and both sides on some of our small county roads. Please keep in mind that the farmers don’t like traveling down narrow roads any more than you like them doing it. Unfortunately, it is just the nature of the beast. If you encounter one of these oversized pieces of equipment, please pull off the road to make way for them so that everyone can get safely where they are going. If you must pull off the side of the road instead of in a driveway, you should be mindful of obstacles such as mailboxes or traffic signs across from you. This should be avoided, as the farmer has no room to get off the road with such obstacles across from you. If you see someone hanging out a window waving you down in the coming weeks, you should expect that a large farm implement is following close behind them and find somewhere to get off the road. If everyone works together, the 2021 planting season will safely pass with everyone safely making it to their intended destinations. It may cause some delays, but they will only be temporary.

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