Birthday parade last Friday

Submitted by Linda Miller Linder

On Friday, April 10, 2020, at 5 p.m., a call came from our Granddaughter asking my husband and I to meet her at the mail box. She was in a hurry, so I agreed. As we approached the mail box, I saw her car turning onto our street. At the same time, I heard horns blowing, people yelling, some singing, balloons and streamers flying. I yelled to my husband, "It's a Parade!" He must have thought that I had lost my mind. As they came closer we could see my family (14 of them) in cars coming to the end of our street. They all piled out and started singing "Happy Birthday". Even our neighbors were in on the surprise. As we were keeping our Social Distance, it was hard not to get hugs. They brought a birthday cake, gifts and flowers. It was a real surprise and a birthday I will never forget.

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