Birthday suit basher arrested

By Chad Hobbs

 On June 5, Meade County Dispatch received a 911 call in reference to the windows being broken out of a residence on Arnold School Road. According to the Meade County Sherriff’s Office, deputies responded to the scene. Laura Dutschke stated she heard glass breaking and was not sure what was going on. Edward Dutschke stated he fired a shot out the front door and then observed a female subject standing on the front porch. Dutscke said she told him someone was after her and asked if he was going to help her. She then said something about the police and according to Dutscke, he said the police had been called. He stated the female then jumped a fence at the edge of the yard and disappeared into the woods. Officers were unable to locate the subject. Two windows and a glass storm door of the residence were broken. The Dutsckes said they believed the female broke the windows with an angel statue that she was holding. This call was received at 1:15 a.m. Dispatch received two 911 calls in reference to a female subject walking in a corn field and on KY 376 in Payneville. These calls were received at 9:08 and 9:15 a.m. When officers arrived, the unknown subject that was unable to be identified while on the scene was observed walking on the edge of the road with a stick in her right hand naked. While trying to speak to the unknown female, she kept giving the name of Ashley Whitehouse, Rachel/Jennifer Maynard, and Rachel Whitehouse. Dutscke was called to the scene and identified the subject as the female on his porch. Subject was transported to Meade County Detention Center to take fingerprints to be identified. Once MCDC staff took fingerprints she was identified as Jennifer Cornett. After a search of that name on Courtnet, police were able to find her social security number, which came back to Jennifer Ragayle Maynard. Also listed in NCIC were warrants for her arrest out of Louisville. Officers interviewed the subject, and she stated she had snorted a line of meth and was drinking alcohol the day before. She was unsure of the time she consumed the drugs. She stated she thought her ex-boyfriend’s family was after her and people were in the trees. She stated she did not remember being at anyone’s house or talking to anyone. The subject seemed to not remember much about the night before. Maynard was charged with indecent exposure, 2nd degree; disorderly conduct, 2nd degree; and criminal mischief, 1st degree which is a class D felony.

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