“Blessings Box” now outside Payneville Fire Department

 Mike Greenwell, of Payneville, says that the Lord called on him to do something positive for the community. Specifically, he says he was told to build a Blessings Box where those in need could come and get essentials.

 Greenwell says that, about 9 months ago, he saw a similar project on Facebook. One morning a few weeks ago, Greenwell woke up, grabbed his rosary, and started saying prayers, which was his normal routine. He says that God told him he needed to bring a similar project to his local area.

 “I asked him what he wanted me to do, and he told me what to do,” said Greenwell.

 He called his father, and they got to work.

 The Payneville Fire Department told Greenwell that they’d be honored to have it outside, and so up it went, soon to be decorated with descriptive stickers identifying what it was.

 The box contains essentials such as canned goods, soap, toothpaste and other items. These items are donated by anyone who is able; it’s as simple as driving by and placing your items in the box.

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