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Board of Education meets, finances discussed


Newsroom Coordinator

 The Meade County Board of Education held its monthly meeting on Sept. 14. There, District Finance Officer Susan Fackler gave board members a financial breakdown as well as some projections for next year’s budget.

 Fackler said that, for the month of August, the district’s general fund saw a net increase of approximately $971,000. She said that this is typical for August because staff members that don’t work in the summer don’t receive paychecks in August. Year to date, the district had a net increase of approximately $1.8 million. Fackler said that this year would probably not be comparable to last year because of COVID-19.

 The board voted to send the district’s 2021-2022 working budget to the state for approval. Fackler told the board that the budget was based on the district’s tax rate, a SEEK formula, and expenses that are based on the number of staff members they hired. She estimates that the total receipts will be $29.8 million for the year.

 Fackler said that approximately 68 percent of the district’s budget comes from the state. About 31 percent of the budget is funded by local property tax revenue.

 During the meeting, several individuals came into the room carrying signs protesting the district’s universal masking policy. Superintendent Mark Martin read a statement that echoed many of the points made in the district’s Facebook video posted on Sept. 10. The board did not take any action regarding their universal masking policy, but they did allow members of the public to speak on the issue.