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BOLO: Fleeing Fugitive

The Meade County Sheriff's Department is on the search for Randall Greenwell Jr., possibly in the area of HWY 1238 and Coyote Run Road. He was last seen wrapping himself in a pink blanket, wearing jeans and is believed to not have on a shirt. If you see this individual please call 911 so Deputies can respond. The Sheriff's Office believes that Greenwell will attempt to approach individuals for either a ride in their vehicle or use of their phone. He may hide in outbuildings or woods. Please do not approach Greenwell. Greenwell is wanted for multiple felonies in Meade, Breckinridge, and Harrison County Indiana. The Sheriff's Department has stated that they believe he is not armed, nor does he have any prior criminal history toward civilians, but they do not want citizens approaching Greenwell. Ensure your vehicles and homes are locked.

Picture of Randall Greenwell Jr. shared on the Meade County Sheriff's Department's Facebook page.