Books are a uniquely portable magic

Updated: Mar 9, 2020

By Jessie Lane


 Stephen King has been quoted as saying that “books are a uniquely portable magic”. What would that make ebooks then? For not only are they portable, but you can pack thousands of them onto your tablet or the app on your phone. That’s literally carrying around your own personal library wherever you go! Some might call that devilry while others call it a miracle. I’ve gone from one end of the spectrum to the other myself.

 When ebooks surged past print books in sales back in 2011, I wasn’t sure how to feel about ebooks. It was a love/hate thing for me personally. On one hand, ebooks had opened a doorway into my dream of becoming an author. Where I might have never had my stories published through a traditional publisher, ebooks gave me the opportunity to see my dream come to fruition. Not only did I become an author, but eventually I was able to help support my family on that income.

 As a reader, however, at the time I much preferred to read an actual book. I loved the weight of it in my hands. The sound of the page turning as I progressed through a chapter. I even loved the smell of books because it instantly triggered something in my brain that felt like I was on vacation, somewhere else, buried deep inside the story I was reading.

 My friends tried to encourage me to try ebooks and I declined, swearing that no one was going to talk me into changing my ways. Ebooks could never replace the beauty of the hardbacks on my bookshelves. The varying sizes, colors and cover pictures a display of places I had been only in my imagination. Perhaps, how some people feel about their pictures of travelling on vacation. Looking at my books gave my mind the break I needed after a long day.

 Then the dreaded day came. My husband, bless his heart, had no idea I was so against the idea of ebooks. Since he doesn’t enjoy reading, he would never understand my love for the feel of the familiar weight of a book in my hand as I curled up on the bed to read it. Which was precisely why he bought me an e-reader. “Now you don’t have to carry your book around babe!”

 He was so excited to be giving me a gift he was positively sure I would love that I didn’t have the heart to tell him. So, I feigned my enthusiasm, thanked him profusely, and bought a few ebooks with the gift card he gave me to go with it. It didn’t take long for my conversion to happen.

 It was almost as wondrous as it feels when a person finds religion, that feeling of not only reading an ebook on that e-reader, but also realizing that now I was carrying several books with me wherever I went. Some might think I’m silly for saying so, but truly, the feeling was almost spiritual.

 I remember the day I was baptized. Submerged under water, prayed over, and then pulled out, gasping for air, and feeling reborn. Perhaps it’s just a testament to the book nerd that I am, but that’s almost exactly how I felt with the knowledge that now I could carry my library with me while I was on the go.

 Some women want diamonds and jewelry. Others want designer clothes or a fancy car. Me? I want a ridiculously big library. Thousands of books with no end in sight.

 The reality of physically having that in my house without my husband strangling me to death? Minimal to say the least. But with ebooks? Suddenly I realized the possibilities were endless. Which is how I went from hating ebooks with an irrational passion to loving them eternally. Will they ever take the place of my devotion for a beautiful hardback book? Nope! Especially if I am lucky enough to have that book signed by the author. And let’s just say in that regard I am lucky several times over much to my husband’s eternal dismay. I have zero space left on my bookshelves and he has sternly told me that I will not be getting another bookcase. I’m a patient woman though, so I plan to wait him out and bargain when there is something he wants just as badly.

 Until then, I will enthusiastically stick to my ebooks. My library is plentiful and grows monthly. I have all but forbidden my husband from looking at my Amazon Kindle, Barnes & Noble Nook and Apple iBooks apps on my phone or tablet for fear his head will explode when he sees just how many ebooks I own. And whenever my teenagers give me more than five minutes to myself you can find me reading on one of those devices. Romance, Urban Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Epic Fantasy, Memoirs and History ebooks. My collection is vast and varied. What I hope it will never be though is empty.

 For you, dear reader, the Messenger staff has collected some authors who either live in, or are from Meade County, to help celebrate National Ebook Week. Dana Ridenour writes captivating thrillers inspired by her time as an undercover FBI Agent. Ella Harrison writes romance that will make your toes curl and your heart race in both the paranormal and the contemporary genres. Last, but never least, Gerald W. Fischer and Sherrill Williams have written about local Kentucky history. From our very own Battletown Witch Leah Smock, Confederate guerrillas who operated in Meade County, to sports legend Corky Withrow. Truly, between the four authors you can find something for almost anyone to read!

 And in case you are curious as to what sort of books I write, you can check out my website at:

 But I’ll give you a hint, it’s romance in all its varying subgenres. From Contemporary to Romantic Suspense and Romantic Comedy. Paranormal to Teen Fantasy Romance and one somewhat Sci-fi Romance title. I have 20+ titles you can explore and love receiving messages from readers.

 Happy Reading this week everyone! And let the miraculous invention of ebooks take you away to another world.

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