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Born alive, left to die

Editorial by Conrad Doyle

When history books are printed and our great grandchildren begin to study the pivotal events that make up our American history, they will no doubt read about major events that ushered in the “A Whole New World” as the 2014 theme song written by Adam Jacobs & Courtney Reed in the children’s movie/musical “Aladdin” suggests.  Significant changes in the evolution of our nation will be reported by those young Americans yet to come. We and our children wrote unnumbered reports and essays on the founding of our nation and wars, those in which our predecessors were both victorious and defeated. The essays we wrote of in our school days will seem almost pre-historic to our future generations much the same as we tried imagining the days when our planet was inhabited by Dinosaur’s and winged giants.  Fertilizer, passenger planes, pressure cookers will be listed as weapons of war and mass destruction. Political party of choice, the colors of a flag, the pro-life movement, will be topics these young minds will use to explain how they believe the “greatest nation in the world” became a melting pot of lawlessness and greed. Whether it is corruption and crime by top governmental officials in Washington D.C. or local small town U.S.A. No community is exempt, all have leaders that feast upon carcasses of their constituents. All nations have been governed or ruled by greed and self-serving manipulations by those who are tasked to end political corruption.  These and more will be the common themes in the essays of our future generations.  Likely, all of these events will however, pale in comparison to the COVID-19 pandemic in which we find ourselves right now. Thousands of Americans dying every day and even more are diagnosed with a positive test result.  Thousands upon thousands of our family and loved ones have lost their jobs because of forced business closings. While we hope and pray they will be able to return to their former positions, we know that in reality many of these small businesses will never be able to rise from the ashes.  Here in KY, we are being led by a Governor that most of us can agree has performed well and is competently carrying out the duties of the job he was hired to do. His is a massive responsibility that no one could have imagined. Already comments about him and his “sex appeal” are ebbing their way into social media comments, I guess we will have to let history make that determination and leave it there.  With this pandemic over-shadowing literally every facet of life, what if anything was accomplished during the winter session of State Gov’t? Was a budget passed?  What laws passed with his signature? What laws or changes to our KY Constitution Did he veto?  Many are puzzled by his veto of SB-9. I personally can’t make what he says and the seemingly emotional display he has when the cameras are running, make any sense. He appears to be emotionally affected when reading the ages of those we have lost to this virus. His voice quivers when he read about the youngest victim (10 month old) and we too choked a bit by his reaction. How this same man can veto a bill that protects a breathing, living, crying, hurting baby and allows it to suffer then die? A baby that is born alive and breathing, struggling but fighting to live, will not be given any assistance or care………. Born alive but refused care, that infant will be left in a cold room, placed in a bio-hazard plastic bag, and left to die with no human intervention. Can’t help but wonder just how much Planned Parenthood profits when they are able to sell the newborn’s organs and limbs, harvested from a live fetus? I hear a beating heart removed from a living fetus can fetch $10k or more. The big money however is from the sale of a fetal brain removed from a living fetus…..  So, yes he is doing the job he was hired to do….but acting as if a sick 10 month old is breaking his heart… once the cameras are stopped, he walks back to his office and veto’s a bill that would protect an infant born alive…………