Boys home coming to Meade County


Newsroom Coordinator

A dream that’s been a decade in the making is beginning to become reality for Rachelle Frazier. She’s planning to open a boy’s home at what was once the Otter Creek Retreat, located on 1638. Boys age 14 to 18 will be provided services such as private schooling, counseling, group therapy sessions, and opportunities to work at pre-approved businesses in town.

In 2010, Fraizer said that God told her she could have her boy’s home, which she had envisioned since she was much younger. She and her husband, Shannon, set out to open the facility at the same location, but things just simply didn’t work out.

“It was definitely not up to code, and we didn’t have the expertise to make it to code to service housing teenagers at it,” said Frazier.

The property sold, and the people that purchased it have completely remodeled it, brought it up to code, and done everything that it needs to function as a boy’s home. When Frazier heard there was a possibility they were interested in getting rid of it, she contacted them and told them she was interested.

As of now, she’s planning to take possession at the end of April. Frazier is currently fundraising right now, hoping to raise at least $130,000 of the approximately $400,000 that’s needed. She is also actively seeking grants to help procure the funding needed.

The facility, which will be staffed 24/7 and be faith based, will operating under Fraizer’s non-profit called Life Transformation Ministries.

Frazier is currently selling baked goods and treats, such as fudge, cookies, and popcorn balls, to help raise money for the facility. She’s also accepting monetary donations from those that want to see the dream become a reality. Those interested in donating can visit the Life Transformation Ministries Facebook page for more information. Donations are tax deductible.

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