Brandenburg City Council discuss zoning issues

 The regularly scheduled meeting of the Brandenburg City Council on Monday began with a lengthy discussion about zoning issues for a RV park in the city.

 Rena Singleton approached the Council in hopes of obtaining a business license for a RV park, which she would call River City RV Park, at 520 Broadway Street in Brandenburg. She said that, after receiving feedback, she was concerned the city would not have the capacity to house all the construction workers coming to build Nucor. Her RV park would host approximately 30 RVs.

 The property is currently zoned as C-1, which according to the city’s Zoning Ordinance, permits R-1, R-2, and R-3 uses. R-3 permits the use of mobile home parks, but the ordinance’s permitted uses has no mention of RV parks. A proposed RV park in an area zoned as R-3 has already been approved by the city. Singleton argued that, by allowing a RV park to be approved in an R-3 zone, the city had established a precedence that an RV park was a permitted use, and based on the ordinance, that permitted use should also apply to property zoned as C-1.

 However, Mayor Ronnie Joyner, who recommended the council not grant Singleton the business license, argued that a conditional use permit would be required. City and planning and zoning officials contended that, from now on, the only way they want to go for RV parks is with conditional use permits.

 “We’re not saying that what we did was right with Perry, so we’re trying to do it the right way now,” said Joyner.

 Singleton argued that they could not make that decision “midstream.”

 “You can go and revise your ordinance to be more specific, but based on the language it has now, it should go,” said Singleton.

Ultimately, Bryan Claycomb made a motion to approve the business license subject to compliance with all state and county regulations and conditional use being granted by the board of adjustments. The motion passed unanimously.

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