Brandenburg City Council works through agenda


Newsroom Coordinator

Mayor Ronnie Joyner began Monday’s regular Brandenburg City Council meeting by honoring Maggie Love, who recently retired from the Council. Love was presented with a clock reading “Council member Maggie Love, thank you for your dedication to the city of Brandenburg 1999-2020.” Love’s Council seat was filled by Michael Kelly.

The Council began the business session by approving a business license for Green Leaf Emporium, a CBD store that will be located downtown. The license was approved unanimously. Michael Kelly, who said he was a member of the LLC, abstained from the vote.

After approving last month’s meeting minutes unanimously, the council was given an update on the development of the city’s new website. The new website is expected to be live by the end of this week. Visitors will be able to reserve a spot at the city campground online and make payments via the new website.

Mayor Joyner informed the council that a committee meeting regarding the city’s new wastewater treatment facility will occur. Once that committee has given their approval, the city will vote on final approval Tuesday afternoon. Council member Bryan Claycomb told the council that they needed to borrow an additional $200,000 to finish out the project, but that money would be reimbursed once the bonds were sold later this month. Joyner said they would not have to borrow any more money going forward.

City Clerk Amy Haynes said that Christmas by the River had an amazing year. She said that 7,883 vehicles visited, and donations totaled $7,580.37. Last year, though the event drew over 8,000 vehicles, only $4,400 dollars were raised.

She said the city issued three building permits and two sign permits in December. The city took 337 credit card payments, had 24 applications for utilities, three new water and three new sewer connections, and issued a total of 103 service orders, 32 of which were for delinquent bill disconnects.

Police Chief Brian Haag updated the Council on his department. He said that, in 2020, the police department had 3,263 calls for service, compared to 2,627 in 2019. For December, the department had 330 calls for service and close to 6,000 miles driven by officers.

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