Brandenburg Woman "Had a Feeling" Before Buying Scratch-Off Ticket Winning $750,000

“I just had a feeling,” Lisa Miller of Brandenburg, KY told Kentucky Lottery officials while cashing in a Jackpot Fortune Limited Edition Scratch-off ticket worth $750,000.

On Sunday, while at the Kroger on Bypass Road in Brandenburg, Miller decided to buy the $30 Jackpot Fortune Limited Edition Scratch-off ticket from the vending machine.

“Last week, I had a dream that I’d won three thousand dollars on this same ticket. I was excited about winning three thousand dollars, never imagining I would win seven hundred and fifty thousand,” Miller said.

Miller said she didn’t play the ticket but scratched off the barcode and scanned it instead to see if it was a winner. “I saw “see KLC Corp” pop up on the screen and thought, ‘it’s a big one,’” she said. “I’ve never seen that message before.”

Miller was shopping with her boyfriend but didn’t say anything to anyone and immediately walked out of the store. She started to scratch the ticket off when she uncovered the “gold bar” symbol indicating the prize is won automatically. Located to the right of the symbol was the game’s $750,000 top prize.

“This is a big one. I’ve got to sit down.” She got in the truck and waited for her boyfriend to get in before telling him the news.

“I didn’t sleep at all last night. I laid in bed thinking about what all I could do with this money. I want to be sure to get it right,” Miller told officials.

Miller claimed the $750,000 prize the next day at Lottery headquarters, walking away with a check for $532,500 after taxes. When handed the check, Miller said, “Wow, that’s a lot of money. That’s more than a half a million dollars!”

“This is a blessing,” Miller said. She plans to pay off bills and put some of the winnings towards remodeling her home.

Miller told officials she only plays the lottery when she has a certain feeling and doesn’t play every day. This isn’t the first time Miller has claimed a large prize. In June of 2020, she won $50,000 on a $5 Big Money Scratch-off ticket.

Kroger will receive a $7,500 bonus for selling the winning Jackpot Fortune Limited Edition ticket.

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