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Breaking News: $10,000 worth of goods stolen from local Meade County resident

At approximately 2 am on June 3, 2020, two individuals stopped at a house that is under construction on Keith Road in Payneville, KY, and robbed the site of approximately $10,000 worth of goods. Security cameras on the property caught the intruders on film. Meade County Sheriff's Office is looking for the male and female suspects pictured above. They might be driving a two-tone, approximately late 90's model Ford F-150 truck. There is a $1,000 cash reward being offered by Brittney Webb Vessels and her family for information leading to the successful capture and arrest of these two individuals. If you recognize, or have any information at all, on these two individuals from the security camera footage above, please call 911 or the Meade County Sherrif's Department immediately at 270-422-4937.

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