Breck Downs Meade Again


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 On Oct. 22, the Meade County High School Ladywave volleyball team played in the District 11 Championship game against the Breckinridge County Lady Tigers. These two teams have been playing each other in the District Championship for the last ten years, and during those ten years, Meade has only won two Championship Trophies (2011, 2016). Even though when these two teams face off, it has always come down to the last game to see who comes out on top, keeping this rivalry alive and well.

 In the first set Meade made sure that they played the net, blocking the Breck strikers each time they tried for the kill. Breck was able to get out in front of Meade by a small margin, forcing Meade’s coach to take his first timeout. After the timeout both teams continued to trade sideouts, which allowed Breck to maintain their lead over Meade. In the end, Breck would find a way to put together a string of kills that stretched their lead to match point taking the first set 25-14.

 Meade just could not get any type of rhythm going in the second set, which allowed Breck to jump out to a six-point lead quickly, forcing Meade to call a timeout to gather the team up to get their heads back in the game. After the timeout Meade was able to make up some ground on Breck, but long volleys and miscues by Meade resulted in Breck staying out in front. By the time Meade gathered themselves up, to try and put a rally together, it was too late, giving Breck the second set, and only needing one more to take home the trophy once again.

 Meade started off the third set building momentum from the very first serve jumping out in front of Breck for the first time and rallying to put together six quick points. At first it seemed as though Breck just could not get anything going in the front at the net, as their two main killers had balls bounce into the net or hit it long for an out. Meade, on the other hand, placed the ball in open space on the floor, which had Breck defenders diving to try and keep the ball alive. The tables would once again turn on Meade as their lead would soon dissipate with Breck coming back to tie the game at 20-20. Meade would again take a time out, take a deep breath and come back out on the court with a new energy. Both teams traded sideouts back and forth until Breck finally took the game to match point with Meade trailing 23-24. Breck had to earn their final point, Meade’s front line continued to deny Breck killers and point, but could only hold them off so long as Breck got one past the net blockers for the game, taking home the District 11 Championship Trophy for the fourth year in a row.

Game 1 2 3

Meade Co 14 17 23

Breck Co 25 25 25

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