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Breckinridge County Magistrate race to be decided by coin flip

Some say they don't vote because their vote doesn't matter. Meade County has learned that isn't the case several times over the years, none more so than in the sheriff's race several elections ago, which was decided by a single vote.

After the dust settled from last night's election results, the citizens of Breckinridge County's 4th District, along with the two candidates vying for the district's magistrate seat, have an even greater appreciation of how an individual's vote really does count.

Incumbent David Albright (D) appeared to have won the race last night by one vote over challenger Ronnie Robinson (R). Due to the tight final count, election officials gave the ballots a second look. That review netted another vote for Robinson, deadlocking the two candidates at 572 votes apiece.

Each state has different ways of dealing with issues like this. In the Bluegrass State, it will be a coin flip that decides the outcome, according to the Secretary of State's office. So later this week, Albright and Robinson will come together with a coin casting the final vote in the 2022 election, deciding who will hold the 4th District Magistrate seat in the Breckinridge County Fiscal Court.