Brian Chism responds to questions

 The following questions were sent to both Brian Chism and Nancy Tate last week. The two will face off this November for the District 27 State Representative position. Both individuals were told that their responses would be published unedited and exactly as they had written them. Nancy Tate, despite repeated attempts, did not respond. Chism’s answers are presented unedited.

 Do you support the recent closing of bars/the limiting of restaurants? Why or why not?

 “Covid has been extremely difficult on our restaurants and small businesses. I believe the Kentucky General Assembly needs to do what it can to help our small business, restaurants, and working people. I do believe that wearing masks, social distancing and good hygiene are important in keeping our people healthy and preventing the spread and deaths from the virus.”

 Do you support the Gov.’s mandate requiring masks to be worn? Why or why not?

“Governor Beshear, the Trump Administration, and healthcare professionals, have advised that washing hands, wearing a mask, and good hygiene are the best way to keep people safe and healthy. I believe we should listen to leaders and health professionals.”

 Do you support the protests? Why or why not?

“Men and women have sacrificed a great deal for the United States Constitution. Every elected official should use the constitution as their guide; therefore, I support people's right to peacefully protest. I do not support violence or destruction.

Do you support the people coming in from out of state that are not wearing masks? Why or why not?

I do not support people coming from out of state not following our rules. Kentucky is filled with honest and good people and they should be respected.

Do you support our Gov. and the decisions he has made during the pandemic?

Throughout the pandemic my family and I have prayed for the leaders of Kentucky of both parties. I don't agree with any one person 100% of the time. I believe the Governor is trying to do what is right. However, I do believe churches have a Constitutional Right to hold services. I also do not believe abortion clinics should remain open.

What is your stance on Black Lives Matter?

I believe Black Lives Matter. Government must respect and protect all people.

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