Bullet points from Gov. April 2 update

Earlier today, the Gov. recommended that school superintendents institute a policy of no in-person extended through May 1. He believes that all districts will extend NTI to make sure that children have learning activities and meal service. He said they would have to see a regular decrease to resume in-person instruction. There is a real chance that we don't go back to in-person classes at this year, the Gov. told superintendents.

New Executive order today that expands travel restrictions where out-of-state individuals traveling into the state are now going to have to quarantine for 14 days wherever they're coming.The order also allows state county and city governments to hire back retirees if needed.

The order prohibits overnight stays in our state parks.

Gov. announced that they are moving ahead with plans at the fairgrounds in Louisville to convert it to a 2,000-bed field hospital. Their goal is to be ready when the surge comes. He said they're working on a similar project at a hotel in Lexington.

Today's order will result in the commutation of sentences for 186 individuals that have been screened using criteria that CDC has put out indicating that they may be more vulnerable to the virus. All of the individuals fall in the categories of C and D felons. All of them have conditions that they have to uphold in order to fulfill the terms. They'll have to be medically screened at the institution prior to their release. Once they're out, they have to have a residence to go to, and when they get there, they'll be quarantined there for 14 days. They have a condition that they can't commit any other offenses or break the other conditions while they're out. Offenses are non-violent and non sex related. An additional 743 inmates could be released after next week, all of which are within 6 months of completing their sentence.

Gov. asked Kentuckians to provide gloves for our medical professionals. If you have gloves, the Gov. asked you call 502-607-6844.

Gov. explained how they get the numbers that they report every day and the challenges with them. He provides the official numbers for the Commonwealth based on what's been received and confirmed by the Department of Public Health. The first area that it comes in from are the labs. There are now over 32 labs that have done at least one test in Kentucky. The challenge is that only two of them report electronically. A lot of these labs might be 6 months to a year old, and have never done this type of reporting. Second place they get information are the local health departments. There are 61 local health departments, each of which is doing their best, but each of which is also getting information from lots of different places. When there is a positive, the local health department is supposed to send demographic information for us to collect for the state. A lab may not be sending anything to the Department of Public Health, they may just be sending it to the local health department. Sometimes, we get information first from news reports. At that point, we have to figure out if we already have that information. Hospitals and healthcare providers also provide information.

Today's Report:

They've been able to find several duplications and a number of people who are out of state. The number for yesterday should be adjusted down to 670 after the duplicates and out-of-staters are removed. Number of new cases today is 100. That's 770 for an official number of cases in the Commonwealth.

Gov. mentioned one confirmed case in Meade, but didn't reference the second case that the Judge/Executive announced yesterday. The second case has been confirmed by the Lincoln Trail District Health Department.

Gov. announced that there were 11 new deaths to report today. At least all but one individual (they're still looking at information) have other comorbidities (other health conditions).

He asked the public to light up their houses in green to show compassion to those lost today.

Gov. said they haven't been tracking how many have recovered, but they are going to start tracking it on a daily basis. He says it's a bigger challenge because it takes an extra step on the back end, but the Gov. feels it's important. He said they knew the number was above 60.

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