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Bullet points from Gov. Beshear's April 15 update

Governor Beshear began today's update by reiterating the 10 steps to defeating the coronavirus:

1) Stay Healthy at Home

2) Avoid Crowds & Gatherings

3) Practice Social Distancing

4) Know When to Seek Care


6) Wash Hands & Surfaces

7) Apply for Benefits

8) Prioritize Mental Health

9) Do Not Travel

10) Report Non-Compliance

Gov. Beshear announced that he would be working with the governors of Indiana and Ohio to formulate a plan to re-open the economy. He said he would be talking about what metrics would be considered for reopening on Friday. Tomorrow, the governor will be talking about additional testing opportunities.

Today's update:

Gov. announced 88 new cases of COVID-19, bringing the total to 2,291. Gov. said that he knows there are at least 50 cases that came in that haven't been reported, so that number will be significantly higher. Gov. announced that 862 Kentuckians have recovered from COVID-19 as of today.

Gov. announced that 7 additional people have died from COVID-19.

As the governor gave his update, protesters loudly chanted. The protesters want businesses in Kentucky to re-open immediately, but Gov. Beshear said that would result in more deaths of Kentuckians. He also said they are following the guidance from the White House.