Bullet points from Gov.'s April 1 update

Gov. said that this entire month is critical to fighting the rise of the virus and slow the spread.

"We need everybody to give everything they've got during this particular time."

The Gov. showed a graph from the White House that projected deaths due to COVID-19. Without social distancing, the WH projected up to 2 million deaths. With social distancing, that number decreased to between 100,000 and 200,000. The Gov. then showed a graph for Kentucky based off the WH's numbers. Without social distancing, it projected up to 30,000 deaths. With social distancing, that number was significantly decreased, down to below 4,000.

Gov. announced that there were 93 new cases today.

Gov. said there were 2 new deaths today. That brings the total number of deaths to 20.

Josh Benton, with the Education and Workforce Development Cabinet, discussed the unemployment in KY. He said that the system they use is old and hard to change. They had to prioritize what they changed first. So, the prioritized being able to capture the information specifically of individuals who don't typically qualify. There were upwards of 40,000 notices that are going out starting last night saying that individuals will be approved.

"We know what needs to be changed, and we're working diligently to do that."

He said they revamped kcc.ky.gov website, which now houses all of the latest and greatest information on unemployment insurance.

He said they have received 80,000 and 200,000 calls in the last 3 business days. He asked the public to prioritize who is calling and utilize the online resources if at all possible.

"There are some people that need to talk to someone to be able to file their claim... We want to prioritize those groups of people. Those are the ones that need to be calling. We need to be able to communicate with those folks over the phone."

He said checking a claim's status can all be done through the online portal. He also reminded to public to be weary of scammers. He said their department will never call you and ask you for money.


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