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Bullet points from Gov.'s April 10 update

Today's update:

The Gov. announced 242 new cases of COVID-19 in Kentucky today. That brings the total number of cases to 1,693 in the state.

At least 24,288 tests have been administered, the Gov. said.

459 Kentuckians have been hospitalized, at least 271 are currently in a hospital setting. At least 177 Kentuckians have been in the ICU, with 105 currently in the ICU.

At least 464 Kentuckians have recovered, which is 27 percent of those that have tested positive.

Gov. Beshear said they believe that number is larger, but they only report what they can confirm.

Eleven new deaths were reported today, bringing the total death count to 90. One of the new deaths reported by the governor was a 75-year-old female from Meade County.

The Gov. urged people to avoid large gatherings, even though it will be difficult with Easter and other religious holidays occurring.