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Bullet points from Gov.'s April 17 update

Gov. Beshear said today turned out better than he expected. Total number of new cases today is 134.

"While that is high compared to a number of other days, I expected it to be much worse," said Gov. Beshear.

That brings the total number of cases to 2,522. Total number tested: 30,596. Total ever in the hospital: 1,008. Currently in the hospital: 360. Total ever in ICU: 514. Currently in ICU: 227. Gov. announced that 979 have recovered from the coronavirus. Average age of someone who has contracted COVID-19 is 52 years old.

Gov. announced 8 new deaths today. That brings the total number of deaths to 137.

Gov. Beshear also discussed the plan outlined by President Trump yesterday, as well as Kentucky's plan. The federal plan for re-opening can be viewed here.

Recommendations from Washington suggesting requiring a 14-day downward slope before the re-opening processes begins. The Gov. said that he believes Kentucky has plateaued, but we have not yet seen a consistent downward slope.

Making sure that the normal healthcare system can operate, significantly increased testing, as well as greater access to personal protective equipment are other factors that contribute to advancing to the re-opening phases.

"First, we have thresholds we have to meet," said Gov. Beshear, "and then, the re-opening will be gradual."

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