Bullet points from Gov.'s April 19 update, highest number of new cases reported

Governor Beshear began Sunday's update by reiterating the 10 steps to defeating the coronavirus:

1) Stay Healthy at Home

2) Avoid Crowds & Gatherings

3) Practice Social Distancing

4) Know When to Seek Care


6) Wash Hands & Surfaces

7) Apply for Benefits

8) Prioritize Mental Health

9) Do Not Travel

10) Report Non-Compliance

Gov. Beshear discussed the benchmarks to meet before easing some restrictions. The first is the number and the rate of new cases. He said they are taking the federal recommendations very seriously. These recommendations say a decrease needs to be seen for a period of two weeks (14 days). The second benchmark is increasing testing capacity and contact tracing. The Gov. said they are putting together some teams for that, with an announcement likely coming Tuesday. The third benchmark is an increase in personal protective equipment (PPE), both for healthcare professions and industries that will initially open. The fourth benchmark is the ability to protect at-risk populations. The fifth is the ability to social distance and follow CDC guidelines. The sixth benchmark is being prepared for a possible future spike. The seventh benchmark is the status of a vaccine and treatment.

The Gov. said they would provide updates as they reach or get close to benchmarks.

Today's update:

Gov. announced 273 new cases of COVID-19 in Kentucky today, 67 more than the new cases announced yesterday, and the highest number of new cases he has ever reported. That brings the total number of cases in Kentucky to 2,960. A total of 32,319 Kentuckians have been tested for COVID-19. The Gov. said that 1,111 Kentuckians have been hospitalized due to COVID-19, with 265 still in the hospital. At least 532 people have been in the ICU, and 149 are currently in the ICU. Gov. Beshear said that 1,122 Kentuckians have recovered from the coronavirus.

Gov. Beshear announced 4 new deaths today due to COVID-19. That brings the total number of Kentuckians lost to the coronavirus to 148.

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