Bullet points from Gov.'s April 23 update

Governor Beshear began today's update by reiterating the 10 steps to defeating the coronavirus:

1) Stay Healthy at Home

2) Avoid Crowds & Gatherings

3) Practice Social Distancing

4) Know When to Seek Care


6) Wash Hands & Surfaces

7) Apply for Benefits

8) Prioritize Mental Health

9) Do Not Travel

10) Report Non-Compliance

Today's update:

New cases: 161

Total cases: 3,481

# Tested: 42,844

Ever in hospital: 1,115

Currently in hospital: 302

Ever in ICU: 570

Currently in ICU: 163

Recovered: 1,335

New deaths: 6

Total deaths: 191

Department of Public Health Commissioner Dr. Steven Stack gave an extensive update on the procedures for the first phase of reopening some medical facilities for specific procedures. He said that the details will be uploaded to the state's website. He insisted that, even though some will be reopening, their business operations should not look like the did prior to the pandemic. Medical professionals should take additional precautions to protect themselves from COVID-19.

Watch the full update below:

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