Bullet points from Gov.'s April 4 update

Gov. discussed new guidance from the CDC about cloth masks. The CDC suggests that people should consider wearing those masks. The Gov. said that no one outside of a healthcare provider should be wearing an N95 mask. If you are doing that, that means that someone who desperately needs it doesn't have it. CDC has advised that wearing a cloth mask might reduce the spread of COVID-19, especially when in public places like grocery stores.

The cloth masks that are out there, those are the type of masks the CDC is referencing. New guidance can be found on kycovid19.ky.gov.

Today's update: Still not doubling numbers that we've seen in previous days. In fact, numbers for the last 3 days seem fairly steady. 92 new cases of COVID-19 in KY today. Yesterday's number was adjusted down by 6 due to duplicates/out of state people. Total number of cases as of today is 917. A little of 130 of the 917 have been hospitalized. 76 are currently hospitalized. No update on recovered numbers as of today, but they will have that and they are tracking that going forward. Three new deaths from COVID-19 today.

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