Bullet points from Gov.'s April 8 update, new Executive Order

Gov. reminded viewers of the 10 steps to beat coronavirus:

1) Stay Healthy at Home

2) Avoid Crowds & Gatherings

3) Practice Social Distancing

4) Know When to Seek Care


6) Wash Hands & Surfaces

7) Apply for Benefits

8) Prioritize Mental Health

9) Do Not Travel

10) Report Non-Compliance

He also challenged Kentuckians to complete their census.

Gov. Beshear said that the coming days will be tougher. Specifically, this week and next week will be very tough weeks, and the number of cases will escalate.

Gov. announced that there was a new Executive Order today. The order limits in-store traffic to one person per household at the businesses that remain open. This will help citizens and the businesses practice better social distancing. Families shouldn't go to stores together. However, there are exceptions in cases where an adult or minor cannot be left alone. The order also restricts door-to-door solicitations.

The Gov. confirmed that the travel restrictions do not apply to the Easter Bunny.

Today's update:

204 new cases today, which brings the total up to 1,346. Of this number, there have been 339 people that have fully recovered. 205 people are hospitalized at the least, and 93 people are in ICUs across the state.

Gov. announced 8 new deaths today.


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