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Bullet points from Gov.'s March 31 update

Gov. said this is a tough day on just about every metric.

Gov. announced that there were 114 new cases and 6 new deaths.

"We are in that slope where the virus increases," the Gov. said.

No cases in Meade County.

Gov. came back and said there was an additional death, bringing the total deaths for the day to 7.

"This is a virus that will come for our most vulnerable, and we've got to make sure that we're standing there protecting them," said the Gov.

Gov. said that if we weren't doing what we are doing today, our numbers would be significantly worse.

Child care options expanded to included grocery store workers.

Signed an executive order today that allows the rehiring of police, fire, and ems workers that have retired with no penalty to their retirement.

"This is going to allow us to have a bigger pool of people to pull from."

This order will go into effect today. Gov. said they will get out specific guidance to departments.

Gov. said they are working tomorrow on a proof of concept in Franklin County on drive-up testing.

A full update will be posted tonight.


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