Bullet points from Gov.'s May 1 update

REMINDER: There will be no update from the Gov. tomorrow (Saturday, May 2).

Today's update:

New cases: 177

Total cases: 4,879 (one of which is probable)

Number tested: 57,648

Ever in hospital: 1,411

Currently in hospital: 334

Ever in ICU: 652

Currently in ICU: 178

Recovered: 1,752 New deaths: 8

Total deaths: 247

Of total cases (Race):

74.97% White

13.37% African American

6.3% Asian

5.19% multiracial

Ethnicity of total cases:

90% non-Hispanic

10% Hispanic

Of deaths (Race):

79.43% White

17.7% African American

2% Asian

1% multi-racial


98.5% non-Hispanic

1.5% Hispanic

Watch the full update below:

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