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Bullet points from Gov.'s May 5 update

-Today's update-

New cases: 625 (which is the highest number of cases reported to date). 309 of those new cases are from Green River Correctional Facility alone. 316 of the 625 new cases were not in the facility.

Total cases: 5,822

Number tested: 61,013

Ever in hospital: 1,603

Currently in hospital: 347

Ever in ICU: 685

Currently in ICU: 189

Recovered: 2,058

New deaths: 14

Total deaths: 275

Of total cases (Race):

74.5% White

13.27% African American

6.45% Asian

5.6% multi-racial

Ethnicity of total cases:

88.26% non-Hispanic

11.74% Hispanic

Of deaths (Race):

78.51% White

18.18% African American

2% Asian

1.24% multi-racial


98.22% non-Hispanic

1.78% Hispanic

Watch the full update below:

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