Bullying, threatening & intimidation: behaviors not allowed unless you're a leader or politician


Submitted by Conrad Doyle


 In my day, these behaviors were handled in a much more decisive manner than today. If someone attempted to perpetrate such behaviors, we just rode our mule to the schoolhouse a little early or met them behind "old man ........ barn" after school. Corrective action was usually swift and decisive.

 Today's culture rarely views the "behind the barn" method as an acceptable option to settling differences, and it should never condone such behaviors. Our public education system spends untold hours and dollars trying to prevent both the behaviors and the retribution exacted.

 Why, then, are these behaviors tolerated and, by extension condoned, when they are exemplified by our elected or appointed "civil servants?” To brush such behaviors aside or downplay them by saying "oh well, politics is a dirty game" is tantamount to brushing aside their behavior by saying "all is fair in love and war" or "boys will be boys.” The danger hidden behind this is that such actions, words and insinuations are deemed acceptable given the rationale (or the lack thereof) that, while such things should not occur, we will give the person(s) a "get out of jail free card" by adding the age old "oh they are just boys behaving like boys.” (When all is said and done, a "get out of jail free card" may not be enough for all of the players in our local government).

 To brush aside the bullying, threatening, intimidating and crude comments made by our local officials, or their legal representatives, only empowers them and gives them permission to continue their belittling, threatening and retaliation towards those they deem as "enemies" or stumbling blocks.

 In my first, yes first of many articles, I intended to bring to light many instances in which our fine leaders have used their positional power to bully, threaten and intimidate any person that, directly or indirectly, threatens to expose or bring to the public's attention, the dishonest utterances, intentions and actions of individuals currently associated with both Meade County and the City of Brandenburg politics.

 It is important that, as residents of Meade County, we remember there is a little item that your elected officials agree to upon taking the Oath of Office...a little thing called ETHICS.

 Meade County does have an Ethics Board, but do you know any of the members?

 Meade County does have a Code of Ethics, have you read it?

see story here (week 11)

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