C.O.P. Program gives residents an opportunity to help community

Seth Dukes:

Newsroom Coordinator


 For those that want to make a difference in the community and love interacting with other people, the Citizens on Patrol Program, or C.O.P., may be the perfect solution.

In 2005, Chief of Police Jason Amburgey initiated the program, which consists of volunteers from Brandenburg and Meade County who donate their time to patrol the city of Brandenburg. The program’s objective is to enhance and support the Brandenburg Police Department by freeing up officers for higher priority duties. It also provides more eyes and ears on the streets, observing and reporting crime and/or suspicious activity, which is great for local businesses.

 Chief Brian Haag says they currently have four total members in the program.

“I would like to get somewhere between the 10 and 20 range,” said Haag.

Haag says the volunteers do not make any interaction if any criminal activity is taking place, and they do not carry a weapon.

In addition to providing transportation for the volunteers, the police department also provides them with a uniform.

Participants must volunteer a minimum of eight hours per month, but Chief Haag says they’re very flexible with schedules. He says that this is a great opportunity for someone who considers themselves a people person.

“They get to get out and have interactions with people,” said Haag. “If you’re a people person, it’s a great program to be a part of because you do have a lot of interaction with people.”

He says that, because of the program, they’re able to offer a lot of services to the community, such as closing down roads for events or parades and shuttling people during the Meade County Fair.

“It’s a huge benefit for a lot of reasons, and if we didn’t have those individuals, we wouldn’t be able to provide those services,” Haag said.

Participants must be 21 years of age or older, must be a resident of Brandenburg or Meade County, must have a valid KY drivers license if driving, and must pass a background check. Those interested can pick up an application at City Hall. Haag says that the quickest turnaround from filing the application to beginning the program is approximately 30 days.

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