Charlotte Ford appointed to Brandenburg City Council after the resignation of Patsy Lusk

Following the recent resignation of Patsy Lusk from the Brandenburg City Council, the Council was tasked with selecting a resident to fill that seat at their regular monthly meeting on Monday night.

Two individuals came to the council seeking the seat. They were Donna Brown and Charlotte Ford. Both addressed the council briefly to discuss why they felt they were the right fit.

Donna Brown told the council that she retired as a lobbyist in Frankfort and D.C after 30 years. She said that being a lobbyist entails reading about 1,200 bills and resolutions every session.

“The key was to negotiate and try to get the best response for your client from the legislator,” said Brown.

Brown told the council she has worked with 5 governors, served on various committees, and been involved in several organizations locally, including being the Chamber of Commerce’s president. She said she was concerned about Nucor and what that’s going to do to the city.

“We’re a close-knit community, and I just want to help plan ahead to keep it that way,” said Brown. “We’re going to need a lot of state and federal help, and that’s where I think I have something to offer with my contacts in Frankfort, especially with the new governor.”

Brown said she was also concerned about the coronavirus and how it would be handled by the city.

“It’s scary to think about, but I just want to think about it now rather than later,” she said.

Charlotte Ford told the council that she has lived in the city since 1969 and raised her family here. She retired from the phone company, where she worked for 43 years.

“I feel like that gave me some experience on working with different people,” said Ford.

She told the council that she has had several people come to her and ask her to run for the Council, and now that she’s retired, she has given it some thought.

“I think I would like to have the opportunity to help our city grow,” said Ford. “I have grandchildren, and I’d like to see things improved here.”

Bruce Fackler made a motion that the Council fill the vacant seat. However, after a second from Bradley Johnston, Fackler’s motion failed. Maggie Love, Bryan Claycomb, and Bill Basham voted in opposition.

Following that vote, Claycomb made a motion that Ford filled the vacancy. Fackler voted no. Johnston did not vote. Basham and Love voted in support of the motion, which passed.

Claycomb then explained his motion.

“Certainly, it’s not a vote against anybody,” said Claycomb. “Charlotte let me know that she was interested, and I told her I would support her if there was another vacancy. I didn’t anticipate that we would lose Patsy. That’s the reason my vote was for Charlotte and not against Donna or anybody else.”

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