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City Council hosts a new type of meeting

 Monday night, the Brandenburg City Council held their regularly scheduled meeting, but it was anything but regular. Council members called in for a conference call as the business conducted was broadcast via Facebook rather than a traditional in-person meeting.  Mayor Ronnie Joyner announced two executive orders for the city. The first established a state of emergency for the city of Brandenburg. The second provided for leave under the Families First Coronavirus Response Act. In order to comply with temporary leave requirements, the city is altering its leave policy for city employees. The full Executive Order can be read on this page, but employees are encouraged to speak with the city attorney for specific questions.  The city has been conducting all business through their drive-thru as the lobby is closed to the public. Joyner said that city employees are healthy and that they’ve been doing all they can to quell the spread of the virus.  “The only way that we’re going to beat this virus is if we all practice social distancing,” said Joyner. “We do it every day here in City Hall. I think that everybody has got to that point, and hopefully, we can all get back to some kind of normalcy very quickly. We don’t know when or how that’s going to be, but hopefully, we’ll all make it through this thing.”  Joyner also said they planned on acquiring green lights for city hall and the flag downtown so that the city could pay respect to those that have lost the fight with COVID-19.

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