City Council moves through agenda at regular meeting


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The Brandenburg City Council met on Monday for their February monthly meeting.

Brandenburg Police Chief Brian Haag informed the council that approximately 20 vehicles had been broken into near Armory Place. He said that they were currently going through the video surveillance. He said they’ll likely be releasing video footage in the next day or so in hopes of identifying a suspect. Haag also updated the council on a shooting that took place on Jan. 13 on Sam’s Way. He said that no one was actually shot, but a firearm was discharged in a residence and an individual was arrested. Haag also updated the council that there was no foul play expected regarding the body that was found in Brandenburg last week, and they were working with KSP to close that case.

Mayor Ronnie Joyner told the Council that he’d be attending Tuesday’s Fiscal Court meeting to ask for help with the dock downtown and bollards to go around the monument. He said that, with the Court’s help, it wouldn’t cost the city “very much at all.” Council member Michael Kelly asked the mayor for clarification on what purpose the bollards would serve.

“We’re going to put them every four feet apart. That will keep somebody in a vehicle from being able to get to the monument,” said Joyner. “It’s just a security thing.”

Kelly said that he didn’t feel the city should spend any money related to the monument unless it’s required because of a safety concern.

“To me, where it’s positioned, I think it’s very unlikely for anybody to run a car into it,” said Kelly. “I don’t think the structure itself is at risk of coming down if a car hits it.”

Kelly said that he’d prefer the city spent the money elsewhere, such as on handicap accessible playground equipment or sidewalk work.

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