Closed session meeting by Lynn, Pace and Joyner violates Open Meetings Act?

Editorial by Chad Hobbs:

Messenger Staff


 There appears to be no way around the fact that the special called Brandenburg City Council meeting on Dec. 23 was in direct violation of the Open Meetings Act.  

 Judge/Executive Gerry Lynn, Industrial Development Authority chairman David Pace and I were the only “guests” present at the meeting that day. As soon as the meeting was called to order I was asked to leave the room as Mayer Joyner took the council along with Lynn and Pace into a closed session meeting. This is the way too much county business seems to be conducted these days; behind closed doors because they know better than us.

 At this special-called meeting, the over reaching, bend the rules till they break, iron fisted, monarchical style of rule that a handful of our county’s elected and appointed officials have chosen to adopt spilled out into the broad daylight. They used the discussion of a land sale on the agenda and the recitation of KRS 61.810 (1) b to go into closed session and remove me and by direct correlation you, the general public, from common knowledge of just how our leaders are choosing to lead.

 The KRS exception to open meetings does allow them to do so to discuss the selling of land, but “only when a public agency is discussing a specific piece of property…and the discussion if made public would likely affect the price of that property, can the matter be discussed in a closed session. Confidentiality is only permissible when the public interest will be directly affected financially,” according to the Attorney General in OAG 80-530.

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